tom eulenberg

A very talented and dedicated man, Tom Eulenberg is the Ringmaster of Cirque le Soir, a partner at Drama with Nick House and Ryan Bish. Tom’s journey started at Whisky Mist. He has always been very enthusiastic about the nightlife of London. His influence there at Whisky Mist was good because of the dedication in services. After Whisky Mist Tom went to Cirque le Soir, London’s most exclusive nightclub. Eulenberg’s influence here was the same and it grew to a level that in very short time he knew London’s most famous celebrities. Tom served Cirque with devotion and dedication. Tom’s services were best and became Ringmaster of Cirque in no time. Eulenberg’s PR is so vast that he has been with and knows most famous celebrities across globe. That shows the years of efforts of Tom Eulenberg, put to produce and present the best. After years of efforts now Cirque le Soir is a regular hangout of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, Drake, Usain bolt to name few. It didn’t end there, Tom Eulenberg set out for the project of Drama. Partner with well-known Nick House and Ryan Bish, Drama was launched in 2015, a very unique and unprecedented nightclub of London.

As Tom had influence over a lot of famous stars of the world, Drama soon enticed the likes of celebrities, people wish to see. At the first anniversary of Drama, it was more A-list club than most of London’s finest.
The London Club & Bar Awards 2018 recognized Tom Eulenberg’s efforts and he won The Up All-Night Award. Tom Eulenberg is the Ringmaster of Cirque le Soir. He has worked days and nights to meet the requirements of people, to put up shows like never seen before in London city. Eulenberg became the Ringmaster because his services to people have been selfless and he worked hard and brought people the nights of their dreams. Being Ringmaster is never been easy, but it’s Tom’s passion, to produce most exclusive, luxury and crazy nights that people ask for. Tom Eulenberg is always looking to construct a night-out that is a dream come true, a perfect fun night-out in this hectic life. This is Tom Eulenberg, the Ringmaster of London’s most exclusive nightclubs Cirque le Soir and Drama.