Ringmaster Tom Eulenberg formerly worked for House at Whisky Mist before, but he was enticed to come back for the project of Drama Park Lane. He, since then has become a famous personality. While Eulenberg was the Ringmaster of Cirque le Soir, he with his contributions took Drama Club London to heights in no time. Tom Eulenberg had been really a hit with celebs like Cara Delevingne at Cirque London. Now the world reads that “Tom Eulenberg punches competitors down”. With tireless work and unique approach at same time, Tom Eulenberg ended up being a Lucky charm for Drama London club too.

Mr Eulenberg pictured with Cara Delevingne and Rihanna at the club in Soho

Drama hosts London city’s best nights. Organized like a house of cards, everything there seems to be in a perfect pattern. Eulenberg’s vast connections have given Drama privilege to be a host of many great stars like Rihanna, Leonardo Decaprio, Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Drake, Usain Bolt. Drama Park Lane left most well-known nightclubs behind in no time, because of its guest’s friendly planning and devotion.

Tom Eulenberg The Ringmaster

Drama nightclub London was made with a vision that the trend “queues around corner” will be ended. To produce a perfect night out that will be in easy reach of people. It worked and at the first Anniversary of Drama in 2016, Drama’s class was a lot more A-list than many of London’s best nightclubs. The vast and specific connections and PR of Tom Eulenberg helped Drama attract not only people but also the attention of one of the most famous celebrities. Drama became a regular hangout of famous celebrities. Eulenberg “The Ringmaster” knocked all the competitors down with his extraordinary abilities, unique style of partying and dedication. Nick House once said that “Eulenberg, with his trademark trilby, is the most charming man he has ever met”.

Tom eulenberg with statham

Tom Eulenberg won The Up All-Night Award at The London Club & Bar Awards 2018. He truly deserves that award after putting great effort and achieving years of work in months.

Drama Park Lane took a great start on its first night at 30th September. With an ambiance to puzzle the most ingenious brains. There is art all over the walls and the interior is so wonderful that guests fall in love with Drama. Drama London is a home for the loud and vibrant. Established in Park Lane Mayfair, it’s a place for the elite party goers, the ones who never to shy away from a platform where they have to show their talents. Drama and Cirque le Soir are proud to have Ringmaster like Tom Eulenberg.